Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your data cost?
Our data is priced at 3 Cents per lead (.03 each)
Is there a minimum / maximum online order?
Minimum order is 3,000 leads ($90.00). Maximum order is 40,000 leads ($1200.00).
How does your procedure work?
  1. Consumers may be searched by state, zip code, radius to zip code, and gender.
  2. One list or many lists may be added to your basket (at any time) or you can place your order over the phone by calling 877-800-7603.
  3. When checking out online use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card.
  4. An order confirmation email with your receipt and a second email will be sent to you containing your list(s) download links.
Where do you obtain your data?
We use hundreds of different sources to aggregate our consumer email database. We gather raw data from our own marketing and publication offers, third party offers, online surveys, data acquisition, behavioral data, and other accurate sources before we integrate proprietary enrichment sources.
How much data do you currently have within your system?
There are currently more than 157 million full record opt-in email consumers and growing.
What are the minimum fields included with records?
Upon purchase 100% of all fields will include Email, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Date Stamp, IP Address.
In what format are files provided?
A comma separated values (.csv) will be provided. A .csv file will work any third-party system that accepts a standard file. Files can be opened easily with Microsoft Excel, Notepad, Wordpad, Open Office or other editor type programs.
Can we use your data with third-party email service provider?
Our Opt-In email data will deliver more than 95% on third-party email sending services. In our opinion, you should probably break up your file in smaller batches and upload it over a period of time. Always consult the terms of service for the vendor email service provider system that you would like to use, every email service provider has different terms and rules.
Can you provide email verification and cleaning on a third-party database?
Yes, You can send us your full record file and we can have it cleaned for you in short order. We will return the “valid”, “invalid” and “accept all” files back to you. We guarantee a 95%+ deliverability on valid email records.
Do you provide the ability to search by age or date of birth?
Emailzipcode has another product called "Emails On Demand" where you can buy credits in advance and download leads as you please. This system has the ability to search by age and all records returned will contain an accurate date of birth. You can buy credits as you go with this system.
Do you provide business (B2B) data?
Yes, we have a robust business database (B2B) that contains more than 26 million active business contacts.
This database contains a majority of the executives in the US with email. Data comes with Email, First Name, Last Name, Title, Company Name, Phone, Address, City, State, Zip Code, SIC Code, NAICS Code, Annual Sales, Employee Size
Our business data (email & phone) contains the direct contact information for the executive so you don't have to worry about dodging administrators.
Give us a call on 877-800-7603 for more details and list counts and email deliverability.
Do you have any specialized databases?
Yes, we have some very elite and unique email databases such as doctors, dentists, financial professionals, insurance agents, real estate agents, attorneys, contractors and many more.
We also have the ability to perform custom searches based on attributes such as ethnicity, home owner, renter, date of birth, interest or consumer buying behavior. Give us a call on 877-800-7603 for more details and list counts.
Do you perform email campaigns?
Yes, we perform email campaigns.
Email campaign includes:
    Multiple transmissions to selected list
    Real time tracking statistics (delivered, opened, click-thru)
    "Clicker File" with expanded click-thru customer detail (email, name, address)
    *Client provides creative (Custom creative is additional).
What is the meaning "radius to zip code"?
We provide you the ability to search by a specific zip code or you can search by various number of miles from a specific zip code in all directions.
How clean and valid is your data?
We verify your data order at time of purchase and we guarantee that purchased email lists will deliver more than 95%+. Our extensive data hygiene process ensures the highest level of accuracy and deliverability on email leads. Unlike our competitors, we have many refined steps during our "cleaning" hygiene process such as heuristic syntax, removal of hard bounces, traps, seeds, problematic recipients. Since we are seasoned computer engineers and marketers we are able to deliver the cleanest and most accurate product to our clients with the greatest possible data value.
How often do you get new data?
New email data leads are obtained on a weekly basis. This new data is loaded into our staging environment to be aggregated, cleaned and then promoted to our production environment on a monthly basis.
Are there any refunds offered?
Due to the nature of our products (unencrypted data) we will not accept returns and no refunds will be issued. However if you do encounter any hard bounces we will replace them no questions asked.
Am I able to speak directly to a sales representative? What are your store hours?
We are highly accessible, you may contact us from 9am to 9pm EST at Toll Free 877-800-7603. If you wish, you can also complete our contact form online. Contact Us
Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes, If you exceed the maximum online order you can give us a call and a sales representative will take your order manually at a discounted rate (typical discount is offered for more than 50,000 records).
Do you offer promo code discounts?
Yes, From time to time we offer special money saving promo codes that can be found on the internet or with a sales professional on larger data orders.
Can I target data with more sophisticated queries against your database?
Yes, You can give us a call with your custom requirements and we will do the research and get back to you with list counts. Call us at 877-800-7603.
Do you offer full service internet marketing for clients?
Yes, We are not only email data gurus but we also act as the digital marketing department for many B2B & B2C companies. Give us a call at 877-800-7603 for a free no cost consultation.