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The Power of Social Media and Email Lists

I still don’t quite think people understand the power of social media in today’s world.  Take Facebook for instance.  Back in 2005 Facebook was the new craze.  Only problem was, it was only for people who were in college and had access to a college email address.  Now, not only are teenagers on Facebook.  Not only are young adults on Facebook, EVERYONE is on Facebook.  Heck, my 79 year old Grandmother is on Facebook leaving me comments every other day.  So I ask you, as a business owner, how are you not utilizing such a powerful tool?  How do you not have your business up on Facebook?  Think about the possibilities these social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube give us.  To not take advantage of them is insanity.

As much as I may rant and rave about Facebook, I only use it as an example as to how many people in this world are taking part in social media.  My first two choices to build leads for your business are Twitter and Youtube.  Facebook is great because everyone uses it, however Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) made it very hard for businesses to attract large amounts of people.  Facebook is smart enough to know who is in your circle of friends, and if you start asking random people to join or “like” your page, you will be suspended from Facebook.  Twitter, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.  Twitter opens your world up to almost anything.  For example, say you started a blog following your favorite sports team.  On twitter, in the search bar, type in #Yankees (or whatever your favorite team is that you are blogging about) and find a page dedicated to the New York Yankees with the most “followers”.  From there you follow as many people as you can that follow that page because you know they have interest in the Yankees.  Within the next few days sit back and watch how many people start following you just because you followed them.  From there you can start making tweets, talking about your blog including a link for people to read.  Or you can link them to a landing page with a sign up form to join your blog.  This will build your traffic and audience like you couldn’t believe.

Lastly, Youtube can be very effective if you know how to use it correctly.  Youtube is the leading source of viral videos on the internet.  Put together a well constructed video for your target audience.  Make sure it is good quality and very informative.  The name must be relevant to what you are promoting.  In the description box you can post a link to anything you want.  A website, a landing page, a blog, anything.  Make sure at the end or in the middle of your video you ASK your viewers to check out the link in the description box.  Send them to a page to sign up for something free, collect their information and use them as leads for your business and grow your email list.  If you can utilize these 3 social media tools correctly, your business will grow larger than you ever imagined it could.  Don’t sit back while the world of social media evolves before your eyes.  Jump on the band wagon and take advantage of what our technology has given us.

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