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Route 7 vs. 280 West – Affiliate Emailing

Picture this, you just had a long day at work and your personal driver comes to pick you up and bring you home.  Your neck is stiff from a poor night’s sleep the night before and you can’t turn left or right.  Your miserable sitting in a car, and you just want to get home, munch on some chips, turn the game on, and relax.  Your driver makes a right hand turn to take Route 7 North instead of taking the obvious 280 West.  Now, you could have been home HOURS again, but instead, your in miserable traffic, hitting every stop light imaginable. Why would the driver take Route 7 when he could have sailed home taking 280 West?  Why do businesses continue to email their data to companies that don’t take well to the records they have?  Its a waste of time, when you could simply just make a left and turn to 280 West and start counting all the money you’ll be making.

When emailing as an affiliate, you need some trial and error to know what types of companies work well with your data.  You don’t want to continue to mail to the wrong companies, and waste your time putting together campaigns when your clicks are low and the money your making is minimal. For example, maybe you are an affiliate emailer for your local vitamin shop.  Your putting countless hours into these campaigns and walking
away with enough money to buy a few coffee’s for the week because the email records you have just don’t take well to the vitamin shop. However, you start emailing for a local t-shirt company and your clicks are THROUGH THE ROOF!  You know that any type of company like this t-shirt company works perfectly with your data.  And when your getting paid per click, why would you ever distance yourself from this success?

Learn what works for you and for your email list.  Stop sitting in traffic and start sailing to where you need to be.  Get off of that worthless Route 7 and make sure you ALWAYS take 280 West.  That way you can put in less work, and make more money.  You can kick back a little earlier every night with a bag of chips and watch the ball game.

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