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Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing involves sending email messages which have valuable aid and advice and / or marketing of your site, products or services. The products may be either your own or affiliate products.

The vital part of email marketing is that you only deliver the emails to human beings on your ‘list’. Your list consists of the human beings from whom you have permission to send them the data. Sending emails to human beings otherwise is spam and a complete no no for anyone who wants to run an honest and ethical internet business. The consistent communication builds trust between you and your prospective buyers.

You also send follow up emails and online newsletters to your existing customers to promote additional products you have that they might be curious about. They may well be as they will have already bought a quality product from you. Junk products will only get you refund requests.

Here are some advantages of email marketing:

Only human beings who have given their details will receive your emails. This is called ‘opt in’. Their designation and email domicile will be given when they pay a visit to your site and accept your offer of a weekly newsletter or a autonomous of charge report. Done properly, you can exhibit the integrity of your business and reassure human beings that they can unsubscribe anytime.

Your marketing can be monitored. All elements can be tracked such as who opened your emails, which links were clicked and if they went on to acquire your product. You can improve your promotion by identifying what is and isn’t performing.

Your whole list is contacted in seconds and there is the opportunity for human beings to forward your email. This makes your marketing much more widespread and your emails could become viral.

You can assess all elements of your campaign. You can perfect your strategies,such as image placement, subject lines and keywords.

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